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From an early age, it had been clear to Daniel and all those around him that he would grow up to design homes.  The grandson of a respected modernist architect, Daniel was encouraged to look at his surroundings and to observe what makes a place or an object beautiful.  With this pursuit in mind, Daniel pursued his degree in architecture at Auburn University.  While in school Daniel was introduced to the traditional realm of architecture as a summer intern in the office of Larry Boerder.  Upon graduation, Daniel went on to work for Ken Pursley, now Pursley-Dixon Architecture, where Ken encouraged Daniel to apply for the ICAA's Rieger Graham prize.  Ultimately, Daniel ended up winning the 2012 prize and attended the American Academy for a 3 month affiliated fellowship.  While in Rome, he focused on the built work under the papacy of Alexander VII in Baroque Rome.   From there Daniel went to work for the offices of Ferguson & Shamamian as well as for Peter Pennoyer, where he continued to refine his knowledge of classical detailing and proportion. 

Company Background:
In 2015, with the encouragement of a respected builder and landscape architect,  Daniel founded his practice, Heath House, LLC.   Since its founding, Heath House has been centered around hand-drawn designs.  All plans and renderings are done by hand in a variety of mediums to convey the concept to the client.  This art-focused approach is expanded in a long design development process, learned from his time at New York firms where one never goes into the construction document phase without thoroughly interweaving the design so that it is cohesive, correctly proportioned, and appropriate to its place.  To date, Daniel has completed grand houses in excess of 10,000 square feet to retreats under 2,500 square feet.  Yet no matter the size, the same level of thought is given to each project and situation where the ultimate goal is to realize the best version of the client's vision and dreams.

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